You’re difficult. Moody , cynical, bitter, fat, decadent, spoilt. You stay in bed all day then watch TV all night, you crash around this house with sleep in your eyes and not a thought for anyone. You’re in pain. I adore you.
— Phaedra’s love - Sarah Kane

  • girl/boy: *diagnosed with anorexia*
  • everyone: kids in 3rd world countries would give anything for that food, and you refuse it!
  • girl/boy: *diagnosed as bulimic*
  • everyone: cancer patients with give anything to be able to keep their food in, and you choose to throw it up!
  • girl/boy: *diagnosed as a binge eater*
  • everyone: chill your fat ass out, some kids eat once a day!
  • girl/boy: *suicidal*
  • everyone: people die every day, you should be grateful for your life!
  • girl/boy: *self harms*
  • everyone: lots of people have it worse than you, be grateful about how good you have it!
  • girl/boy: *has anxiety*
  • everyone: stop freaking out over everything, it's not that big of a deal!
  • girl/boy:
  • girl/boy: yep that fixed everything thanks


the best moment in any media involving super heroes ever




I was doing research on Napoleon when I found it again

My favorite picture of him


“Try to beat me THIS time, Russia!!!”

I just laughed out loud at this for 5 minutes

I just wanna be yours
Like I always say
Never let me go
Just stay.
— Lana Del Rey - Never let me go